Welcome to The Pledge quiz, hosted by your REPs!
Let's see how much you know about sustainable habits to keep in mind as you leave for break.
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1) What should I do with HUDS dishware that I have in my dorm room? *


Incorrect! All HUDS dishware should be returned to the dish return or your REP.

2) What should I do if I notice there is something in my dorm that is broken or not working properly (for instance, a leaky shower, a broken lamp, a stuck window)? *


Incorrect! If something in your room needs to be repaired, make sure to submit a work order online.

3) What should I do with my mini fridge before I leave for the break? *


Incorrect! Make sure to remove the contents, unplug and properly defrost your fridge before you leave.

4) How do I make sure that my windows are properly closed? *


Incorrect! In order to properly shut your windows, shut the exterior storm window (if you have one) and then close and lock the window.

5) How can I make sure that I am not wasting vampire energy (energy that is consumed by appliances even when we’re not using them) during the break? *


Incorrect! Make sure to unplug ALL appliances before you go so that you do not waste energy over the break.

6) Is there anything that I need to do with my radiator? *


Incorrect! If you have a knob on your radiator, you are responsible for completely turning off the heat in your suite before you leave.

7) How should the lights in my dorm/suite look when I leave for the last time? *


Incorrect! All lights should be completely turned off.

Thanks for taking the quiz! Don't forget to complete all of these important move-out steps before you leave for break!

For more information about sustainability at Harard, check out green.harvard.edu

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